Wooden Music Stands

arch wooden music stand in cherry wood

Cherry Wood

lyre wooden music stand in mahogany wood

Mahogany Type Wood

Enhance your music room with a beautifully hand crafted solid wood music stand, individually made for you.

John Tyler has been making custom music stands for musicians for many years.

All stands can be chosen from

  • 7 desk types Classic, Arch, Trumpet, Lyre, Violin/Cello, Horn, Trombone
  • 3 stem types Curved, Shaped, Fluted (except the double independent model)
  • 2 base types Round, Tripod (except the double independent model)
  • 2 wood types Light (Cherry), Dark (Mahogany Type)

All single and double stands (except the double independent stand) come with a brass collar on the wooden outer stem, a brass inner stem and wooden music extenders.

The double independent stand has a 6 sided wooden outer stem, and a wooden rectangular inner stem. This model also has 4 legs and there is no brass collar on the outer stem.

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image of John Tyler maker of wooden music stands

John Tyler

"I have always wanted a music stand like this" Katharine Constable
(professional flautist)
"I love my music stand" George Edwards (professional violinist)
"The beautiful music stand had the desired effect" Mike Bradburn
(amateur musician)

If you would like further information or wish to order a stand please contact John Tyler by e-mail at johntyler@fantasymusicstands.com or phone 07905705564.